Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror

Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror Glasses

Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror

For the last year or so I have been wearing  Costa’s Sunrise Silver Mirror glasses. At first I was thinking I would only use this color lens for a hour in the morning and a hour in the evening. I assumed they would fit a niche time of day when the darker, daytime Costa Sunrise Silver Mirrorlenses where too dark. I was dead wrong! The sunrise silver mirror was far more of an all day lens than I thought it would be. Even though the sun rise silvers are a lighter color lens I was impressed with the way they cut glare and how well you can see in to the water.

Overcast Days

The sunrise silver lens really shines for me on overcast, drizzly days. The low light days where the light conditions don’t change. The days that you feel like every fish in the river should be biting. The first time I had these lenses on in dull light conditions I was amazed. The way they seem to gather the light and still cut the glare was a true eye opener. Another big plus is the way the sunrise lens performs in the dark.  If your are fishing dry flies at night for nocturnal brown trout or fishing bridges at night for tarpon they have got you covered. This is very important because we should always wear glasses while fishing.  Now there is a lens that allows us polarization without the dark shade. Its very hard to see a fly heading your way in the dark and there is no replacement for our eyes.

Changing Lens

I do tend to change out the silver sunrise lens to the green mirror copper lens when the day goes to blue bird conditions . High sunny skies are a bit to bright for the silver sunrise. The green mirror is a great choice for river and backcountry fishing on sunny days.
Now that Costa offers the sun rise silver in the 580 glass lens, they have all the bases covered. The 580 lens cuts haze and glare for a more crisp view. The 580 also filters out the yellow light enhancing colors of blues and greens helping in reading water.
With the number of frames styles to choose from and it being offered in the 580p and 580g there is a pair for everyone. Check out Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror at your local fly shop. Working on the water in Michigan and Alaska this lens has been the best choice for me most days.

Jeff Topp

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  1. Jon Ray
    Jon Ray says:

    The Sunrise Mirror Lens has been on of my favorite lens to wear since they came out this past year. One of the greatest attributes to them, is when I’m driving my truck. Not only one of the best lens to wear when fishing, but this Sunrise Mirror Lens has also been my go to lens when driving. Especially when Mother Nature is giving us the business. This winter I really noticed what an advantage it is to wear this lens during snow storms, they really cut the glare , but amplify cars and brake lights. I feel these are a must have lens if you drive allot. Thank you Jeff for sharing your thoughts about this great product, couldn’t agree with you more. A must have!

  2. Jon Ingham
    Jon Ingham says:

    I concur with the driving factor.
    These lenses help cut the flat light in the snow and the rain and provide better depth perception. I drive for a living and my Costa’s are on pretty much the entire time the sun is up because they keep my eyes from straining all day in low light/ flat light conditions, as well as full sun bluebird days.
    They make the gray days of winter a little brighter!

  3. Joseph Custer
    Joseph Custer says:

    Agree. sunrise mirror lenses are huge help. Great Steelhead weather is often low light, and these are super helpful. Essential for evening hatch fishing. Now

    I actually see the rock, stick, log, head that young Jon is attempting to get me to hit with the cast and drift. There is gear and than there is good gear. These are good.


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