Grouse and woodcock take

Grouse and Woodcock Hunting Report 10.10.20

We had a great week for grouse and woodcock hunting in the North Woods!  The colors are changing more and more day by day and the grouse and woodcock cooperated.  With the leaves falling the clients were able to see more of the flushes, but that doesn’t always translate to birds in the bag.

The week started out with colder mornings that required hunting areas that protect the grouse from getting too much moisture on their wings.  Remember that grouse don’t have as much oil in their feathers as other birds.  Therefore, they have to stay dry to fly and avoid predators (including us).  Pines and lowland areas are great areas to check out when there is a lot of moisture around.  As the days warmed up, the birds moved to traditional feeding areas with berries as you would expect.

Woodcock seemed to be everywhere the beginning of the week, but tapered off some towards the end.  We had some much colder nights Wednesday and Thursday which may have pushed some birds out.  This can especially happen with the cold, clear evenings like we had Thursday.  Don’t worry, however, as the full migration is not here yet!

My client from Chicago brought his almost 15 year old son and 80+ uncle and they hunted tough all day.  It was their first hunt in the uplands for grouse and woodcock and they saw lots of flushing action, bringing their first timberdoodle to the hand.

Later in the week I had two great guys from Maryland for three days that were in their 70s and hunted HARD!  We put up almost 40 grouse and over 20 woodcock in three days!  Their Parkers and Model 21s connected with plenty of both in style.  These examples show that all ages can get out and enjoy the uplands chasing the king of gamebirds and his tight-holding cousin.

When you are hunting grouse, there is much more than just finding popple to hunt if you want to maximize your opportunities in the woods.  You have to find the right mix of roosting, feeding and protective cover.  The beauty of the matrix is what you are looking for.

I still have plenty of days open the first two weeks of November.  Call Cherie at 231-228-7135 and get on the books for a thrilling day in the North Woods!  For pricing click here.

Shoot straight!

Capt. Chris Butz