Grand Traverse Bay Fishing Report


Fly Fishing in Grand Traverse Bay

Fly Fishing in Grand Traverse Bay for Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth fishing on Grand Traverse Bay is great right now!

Smallmouth bass are around in big numbers. Most are  spawning, but there are plenty of fish to target that are not spawning. Fish are holding on any type of structure.  Best flies have been the crayfish and gobbie patterns, but these aggressive fish will hammer just about anything that resembles a food source.


Carp fishing is challenging with all the bass boats flying around.  Precise presentation is the key to success.  Covering a lot of water is key as these fish are feeding one day and gone the next. With the high water levels this year and colder water temps, carp fishing should gain some momentum in the weeks to come as the bass pressure subsides and temps rise.

Best Flies

Best flies for carp right now are small to medium crayfish, hybrids, and leaches.  If you are looking to hookup with some hard fighting smallies or sight fish to golden bones, give us a call and get a day in the books!  231-228-7135

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Captain Chuck