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Spring Steelhead – Times have Changed

Spring Steelhead, Times have changed! Timing of our fishing opportunities has been changing the last few years. Is it global warming or just a cyclical change, we don’t know. There is however no doubt that things are different than in past years. One example is spring steelhead. For the past few years, the spring steelhead […]

Hawkins Outfitters Puerto Rico-Tarpon

Fly fishing for tarpon in Puerto Rico I had my first experience fly fishing for tarpon in Puerto Rico with Zach, Jay and Steve. The tarpon came in all sizes on many different flies. All anglers landed fish with several in the 80-110 weight range. This was an urban fishing environment, while the area was […]

Cold Weather Gear for Steelhead Fishing   The recent drop in temperatures has us fishing everyday in very cold temperatures. That’s the life of a fly fishing guide. We fish in all kinds of weather. Yesterday when we got in the boat it was 17 degrees, clear, and no wind. Cold indeed.   Last year […]

King Salmon on Streamers

King Salmon, Caught on Streamers For years most people believed that salmon could not be caught after they entered the rivers on anything but dead drift methods. When dead drifting using indicator rigs or chucking and ducking sometimes you get bit another times you are lining or flossing the fish. While fun to fight such […]

Hurricane Dorian Has Delivered a Devastating Blow to Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands in the Bahamas These two islands have been virtually destroyed by the hurricane with large loss of property and life. Below are a couple of links where you can donate to help rescue and rebuild these two beautiful places. Please lend a […]

River Temperature

River Temperature and Trout, They Can Be In Danger Hopefully  most anglers realize that when water temperatures get too warm in our trout streams it is best to leave the fish alone. The reason is that warmer water holds less oxygen and therefore stresses trout. When you add in being hooked and fought by an […]